5 Reasons You Need To Avoid GMO Food

GMO Free Zone

As the medical science has been developing with the giant steps, everyone wants to know if all the products invented by scientists are truly safe for humans or not. The idea of producing food with desirable qualities such as: resistance to drought, insects, pesticides, being more nutritious and having longer shelf life led to the ‘’born’’ of genetically modified food. Since then, there hasn’t been any formation of proved conclusion and the debate raise on the disadvantages of consumption of genetically modified food. Now days everyone thinks that the genetically modified food can cause cancer, loose the taste and be the cause of allergy outbreaks. For description genetically modified crops are the plants which the DNA has been developed by modifying the genes. Below you can discover five examples of the long list of disadvantages of such practice:

1. Yet there is not verified the safety of such products that is why it is thought that we are the lab rats to test the safety of such technology. This is really sad but true. In our reality, genetically engineered food is being consumed daily with no thorough research of its potential threats on human health.