7 Reasons You Should Eat Fruit For Lunch


The best way to stay healthy is to eat fruit for lunch and maintain a healthy diet for your other meals providing a sound foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Fruits are an excellent lunch food for everyone because they make healthy snacks and desserts.
Taking the edge off
Eating fruit on a lunch time can decrease appetite for the actual meal. The fructose found in the fruit supplies a quick energy boost and the fiber creates a feeling of fullness. For kids at normal weights, wait to serve fruit at the beginning of a nutrition dense lunch to pack in as much fuel and healthy calories as you want them to consume. An apple or a handful of grapes in a lunchbox is a sweet choice before a sandwich on whole wheat or a veggie wrap spread with creamy dressing. A bowl of fresh peach slices can be eaten just before some reheated spinach lasagna at the kitchen table.
Weight loss strategy
Those who are overweight need a carefully monitored diet to lose excess weight. Harping on calories can make you self-conscious and resentful, but timing snacks will encourage eating less. Prepare a healthy lunch, but consume half-dozen whole strawberries shortly before it is time to eat. The sweet berries deliver a good dose of vitamin C and their fiber helps dieting people feel less hungry. You will happily consume a lighter lunch without feeling deprived and the fruit provides extra nutrition to keep your feeling full longer. For a pre-lunch snack, whole fresh fruit is more filling and lower in calories than dried fruit or juice.